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Who I am

Hi! I'm Ilaria, a licensed tour guide and tour assistant in English, French and Russian.

I have always loved travelling and having a lot of interests: I suppose I studied foreign languages and worked mainly in tourism out of curiosity, because I wanted to see the world.

After some experiences abroad and in Italy, I fullfilled my dream of becoming a tour guide, a fantastic profession: I never finish learning, boredom is an unknown word to me; it gives me the joy of meeting different and stimulating people. Thanks to this job, I have (re)discovered places in my Region that I had never really visited:

I can't wait to showing them to you.

During  my tours I do my best in order to create beautiful memories and, why not?,

to make you wish you'll come back. I try to mix the fundamental information with anecdotes,

in order to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, having two children, I understand the needs of families and our little ones.

Choose and create your private tour or join one of my group proposals (in the "Scheduled tours" section).

And if you need an opinion, contact me for advice.

I wait for you,in Treviso, Venice and more!

Questa sono io, sorridente con, un cappotto rosso; dietro le acque azzurre del Sile. Si intravede il ponte in legno che collega le due sponde del Quartiere Latino, zona universitaria.
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